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Exposition about. forts of the Warsaw Citadel

The exposition was the Warsaw Citadel with its adjacent forts. Her goal was to familiarize visitors with the history and architecture of war Warsaw. Designed pawlionie SARP ul. Foksal 2 in Warsaw, Poland. Eight buildings were placed in eight sectors. Each contained descriptions of photos and projects. Five sectors to the walls with brick walls, arches, imitation glass, that are separated by light poles. The other is the teams with glass wall bays inspired development plan fortyfikacyjnej. In wykuszach is a multimedia screen, Mannequins in period uniforms and a rack with materials to download. Poster with this furniture form inspired by military architecture of this period. Comes in two versions, for the presentation of photos and for weapons and items. The main entrance is a large map of the fortress of Warsaw and mock.

Year : 2013
The client : National Museum in Warsaw
Status : Implemented
Location : Warsaw / Polska

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