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Exhibition stand Mitchell&Ness

The design goal of the exhibition was to expose visitors to the mix brand Mitchell&Ness . Mitchell&Ness was founded in 1904 year, and this is one of the oldest sports brands, that support all of the leagues in the USA, and, in particular, is known for his work with the NBA, The NHL and the NFL. The exhibition was dedicated to basketball sense of the brand and in that capacity has been designed. Colors exhibitions of parquet from overseas and the dynamism of forms, which was inspired by the character of the boiskowych events was build anturaż fits climate presented clothing. The dominant feature of the exhibition were large and unscrewed undercut wall signaled LED lighting. In niches znajdujowały like caps and balls brand Mitchell&Ness , a place to trade talks and the entrance to the hidden back. The design of angle beams and columns for symbolizing the reflection of the ball and the movement. On the floor of the tech support has been arranged for the American NBA League characteristic Maple parquet. Clothing was presented on ekspozytorach, that steel frames and glass planes alluded to basketball shields, and thanks to its transparency, in addition, to strengthen the visibility of the colorful costumes. In one of the two display units each framework were presented photos showing the nature of the game and the history of basketball.

Year : 2013
The client : Mitchell&Ness
Status : Implemented
Location : Warsaw / Polska

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