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Marshal's Office

Designed office building is located in the Mokotów district of Warsaw. It is designed for the Department of real estate and infrastructure Office of Marshall California in Warsaw. It is round and building with four floors airborne references and garage. In front of the building is the entrance to the garage (performing the role of an access road to the parking lot ground), Bicycle foot-strings, fiber and a fountain. The building is accessible through two entrances – main entrance and entrance for staff. The individual floors have been designed according to the structure of the departments. The first and second floor spaces open space allocated to the Department of real estate and the Department of road transport. The second floor is the Faculty of engineering and Faculty of real estate Management, as well as independent office space. The last floor was designed for the needs of the Department of rail transport. In the building there are also representative hall with fountain, social spaces, warehouse, toilets designed for disabled guests, meeting/banquet facilities, secretariats and offices of the directors of the. Output point to shape the block building was designed the façade detail. It is an aluminium plate mounted on the warped irregularly parcel envelopes highlighting the limits of storey. North elevation is distinguished by a large glazed surfaces and balconies, that are available from the Conference rooms and cabinets directorships.

Year : 2014
The client : The City Of Warsaw, Poland
Status : Implemented
Location : Warsaw / Polska

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