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Flagship store brand MINISO

MINISO is a Japanese designer brand founded by the Japanese designer Miyake Junya and the Chinese young entrepreneurs Ye Guofu in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in the 2013 the company actively explores the international market and has opened more than 2600 shops in less than four years, When you trade up 750 million USD 2015 year and almost 1,5 billion USD 2016 year. In 2017 year sales MINISO has reached the 1,8 billion USD. Now MINISO concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with more than 60 countries and regions, in the United States, Canada, Russia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (Uae), Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong (China) and Macau S.A.R. (China), with an average monthly growth rate of 80 to 100 shops.
We are the authors of the project's flagship store MINISO in Poland. The shop is located on the ground floor of the Department Store "Sawa" in Warsaw at ul. Marszałkowska Street. Designed a floor Board oak natur and fenestration. In order to encourage customers to visit the store is designed lighted graphic banners both at the entrance from the side of the street. Marszałkowska Street, and the Arcade topping out. From ul. Main entrance portal is designed as a construction of the finished white panels Dibond. The Interior is decorated in bright colours. Wooden elements allude to "return to nature", that is the philosophy of the brand MINISO.

Year : 2018
The client : MINISO
Status : Implemented
Location : Warsaw / Poland

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